..........Always better than cure
Disaster is always waiting to happen. And even full payment can't compensate for the inevitable disruption caused. Customer relationships suffer. Everybody catches a cold. The best way to avoid it could well be by thinking deliberately different. Sometimes you need to work with an outsider to spot something that's right under your nose. 
Fusion believes that risk management is the way to financial health. The brokers we work with have moved beyond 'pound-swapping', which sees money travel one way in premium only to return in settlements from irritating and largely avoidable small claims. Instead you work with your broker to identify your key risk areas. Allowing you to choose between transferring them to an insurer, or retaining and managing them. Our Risk Control Surveyors then work with both client and broker on site. Providing practical, common sense advice designed to manage risk. So everybody can breathe more easily.

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